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Corporate Capital Partners (CCP) was founded in 2015 by an experienced private equity professional with over 25 years of experience investing in privately held companies in the lower end of the middle-market. CCP was founded to create a partnership between management teams and capital providers.

Business owners work very hard over many years to create a unique company, to service special clients, and to work with valued employees and partners. At some point during their ownership, business owners begin think about liquidity and transition. Selling their company is often emotional and time consuming. They want to ensure their culture, customers, employees and partners are considered in their sale process. CCP believes the best way to ensure a smooth and successful ownership transition is to keep the management team intact and energized by encouraging them, if they are not already, to become owners of the business they are running.

CCP works with talented and experienced management teams to acquire lower middle-market businesses and to create liquidity for individuals of privately held companies. Working with debt and equity co-investors, CCP structures, negotiates, closes and manages selective acquisitions. CCP uses experience, focus and discipline deliver significant value for management, co-investors and partners.


CCP's founder believes that the best opportunities for success and building value occurs in niche, small and lower middle-market, privately-held business in the North American. CCP looks to acquire selective businesses and to work with management teams and investors to deliver significant value. We spend time understanding each company, seller and management team and tailor each investment structure with consideration for growth needs, market position and identified future opportunities. We specialize in working personally with entrepreneurs and management teams to assist companies in realizing their untapped potential.

Sellers want to know that they have selected the right partner who will work with their management team to achieve even greater success in the future. As shareholders, management teams want to work with the right partner who will help them achieve the next phase growth and value within their industry sector.


CCP looks to acquire very select lower-middle-market, niche, operating companies with revenues between $10 million and $75 million. CCP has diverse market interest and experience and selection of investments is often determined based on the profile of the seller and the experience of the management team. CCP is looking at many criteria when considering a new platform investment and will evaluate each opportunity looking for many of the following criteria:

  • Manufacturing, including industrial and assembly
  • Commercially branded or specialty product manufacturing
  • Value added distribution including specialty logistics
  • Industrial service businesses based on a proprietary or specialty process or technology
  • Strong & defensible market position
  • Revenue range - $10 million to $75 million
  • EBITDA range - $2 million to $7million
  • Enterprise value $6 - $50 million
  • No significant customer concentration
  • Located in the greater Midwest of the United States
  • Fragmented markets with attractive growth and consolidation prospects
  • Leader in niche or protected markets
  • Unique competitive capabilities or qualities
  • Recurring revenue stream and solid customer base
  • Divestiture of a stand-alone operating division
  • Strong operating and financial systems

For our existing platform investments, CCP will pursue the acquisition of an add-on company with as little as $2 million in revenue in any location throughout the United States.

Types of Situations

CCP works with Intermediaries, Business Owners and Management Teams to transition quality companies into their next phase of ownership and growth.


Corporate Capital understands that business owners want professional help when they decide to sell their business. Quality companies deserve quality representation. CCP has worked with many quality investment banking professionals and intermediaries that bring private companies to market for sale. CCP has successfully acquired many companies represented by intermediaries and believes both the buyer and seller can benefit from a well-represented intermediary relationship.


For 22 years the founder of CCP has worked closely with business owners who are interested in transitioning their business. We realize that this can be a very emotional and disruptive time in the ownership cycle of a business and owners want to feel comfortable that the business they have worked so hard to grow for many years will be valued and appreciated. They are often concerned about customers, employees and management relationships. CCP realizes that each business and business owner is unique and approaches each situation with deep experience and understanding of the situation. CCP works closely with the seller and their advisors to complete the acquisition timely with terms and conditions satisfactory to the owner.

CCP typically evaluates acquisition situations when a sale is being considered for one of the following reasons:

  • Owner is looking for liquidity and retirement (upon sale or over time)
  • Inactive shareholder is looking for liquidity in a private company holding
  • Partner is buying out another partner
  • Corporate division is divested including operating management team
  • Owner is looking for some liquidity and expansion capital

CCP's founder has worked with business owners in each of these situations and created successful win-win transitions for owners and management.

Management Teams

The founder of CCP understands that management teams are the critical element of any successful business. We look to invest behind successful, talented management teams that are committed to excellence and want to improve and grow their business. Given their importance and deep understanding of the company, we encourage management teams to invest meaningfully with us in each transaction. Management teams that understand the power of equity and whose interests are aligned with the majority owners can create significant shareholder value for all of the equity owners of the business. CCP provides strategic input and board level oversight to each portfolio company management team focusing on long-term success and critical strategic decisions.


Corporate Capital Partners works to maximize a company's performance by working with management to develop strategic, operational and financial objectives. These objectives often include organic growth in current and new markets, add-on acquisitions as well as profitability and operational initiatives. CCP is not involved in the day-to-day operations of each portfolio company. However we take an active role on the board of directors and act as a strategic partner and sounding board for the management team. Over many years of working with companies, CCP has developed a network of outside professionals, consultants, and service provider that can supplement the management team with specific expertise when needed.


Ms. Huels has 24 years of experience acquiring, financing and investing in private companies including 22 years as a partner with Capital For Business, Inc. (CFB), a successful, St. Louis-based SBIC private equity firm. During these years Ms. Huels has been involved in every aspect of fund formation, documentation, reporting, investing, board oversight, and harvesting of private equity investments. Ms. Huels was instrumental in sourcing new investment opportunities as well as the development and execution of the investment model and strategy utilized by CFB. During her career Ms. Huels led or co-led 22 private equity acquisitions and has participated on the Board of Directors of 24 private companies working with C-level executives on all aspects of managing and growing lower middle market businesses. Ms. Huels has broad experience in negotiating and structuring complex investments and transactions as well as working with lower-middle market businesses and management teams.


Current Portfolio

Brunk Holdings, LLC - Goshen, IN

Brunk AJP

Brunk is a third-party logistics provider to the plastics industry including rail, hauling and full-service plastic pulverizing from three locations in Goshen, IN; Bloomington, MN; and Constantine, MI. Brunk offers their customers a wide range of services that include the following:

  • Pulverizing
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Transloading
  • Bulk trucking (AJP Corporation)
  • General freight hauling (AJP Corporation)
  • Silo and Bulk storage
  • Rail Car storage

Ms. Huels sourced, negotiated, structured and closed this complex acquisition in August 2015. CCP raised the senior debt, subdebt and equity to complete the transaction. CCP sits on the Board of Directors and works with the management team and co-investors to develop and execute the growth strategy for the business. For more information on Brunk, please visit www.brunk-ajp.com

Past transactions:


With over 22 years of experience, CCP's founder has led or co-led 22 private equity acquisitions and has participated on the Board of Directors of 24 private companies working with C-level executives on all aspects of managing and growing lower middle market businesses. Below are several examples of businesses CCP's founder has worked with in the past.

Arrow Material Handling
Custom Headed Products
Imperial Plastics
Preston Eastin
Polymer Technology
Kieffer Signe
Rock Energy/Lanair Waste Oil Heaters
Wisconsin Coil Spring

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